Using solar power to brew superb Australian craft beer… does it get any better?

Real benefits.

Cash flow is king.

Solar power is low risk and can provide a 30% return with guaranteed output for 25 years.

Choose from one of these flexible payment options to shift to solar:

$0 Upfront

Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Pay for the energy you use – nothing more.

$0 Upfront

Solar Lease

Pay a small fixed amount each month.

Pay Upfront

Solar Purchase

Pay for the install and own the whole system.


Q: How do you turn a $0 investment into $’000s in savings?

A: Voltio Eclipse.

Solar PPA

As the finance manager of a business, reducing your operational costs and increasing profitability without spending a single cent is the stuff of dreams. With an Eclipse Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) we’ve made those dreams a reality. With Eclipse we pay all costs for installation, warranties, monitoring and maintenance of your customised solar system on your roof and you simply pay for your solar power, just like your grid electricity bill, only cheaper and cleaner.

We will customise the term and structure of Eclipse to suit your business type and size, so you can take advantage of predictable, risk free, low energy rates for the life of your plan.


Q: How can I stop unexpected and high energy costs?

A: Voltio Light.

Solar Lease

Viable cost reduction and being able to accurately predict your operational costs are essential to running a successful business. Now with a Voltio Light Solar Lease, you’re going to be able to secure clean solar power at a price less than what you presently pay for power from the grid and you’re going to be able to make predictable fixed monthly payments.  On top of this, you’ll pay $0 upfront, as we cover all costs for installation, warranties, monitoring and maintenance of your customised solar system. Sound good?

We will also customise the term and structure of Light to suit your business type and size, so you can take advantage of predictable, risk free, low energy rates for the life of your lease. You can even choose to prepay your Light Solar Lease partially, or in full for added savings.


Q: I’ve got the capital, how do I get started?

A: Voltio Lumen.

Solar Purchase

If you have the capital available to shift to solar, you can pay the full amount prior to your installation.  You’ll own the energy outright from day one!

With our pay upfront Lumen package, we’ll provide a customised installation using only the best equipment, the pick of the crop from all Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved solar installers, a roof warranty and if requested, energy monitoring services.

Your business may also be eligible for select tax benefits and rewarded with renewable energy certificates issued by the Australian government, which can be traded to offset some of the cost for your installation.



Our large organisation (commercial and industrial) customers exploring a solar solution typically seek answers to the following questions:

Will the system be as reliable as the current electricity supply?

Yes – the solar power supplied by the panels will supplement the electricity supply from the grid. In the event of a technical fault or outage, your supply would automatically resume from the grid.

What equipment do you use?

At Voltio we place reliability and safety of power provision to customers as of the utmost importance. We provide power and we take away the hassle of clients having to follow the latest in solar panel or inverter technology. It is seamless to our clients and you only need to worry about your core business.

Do the panels require a lot of space and will they impact the aesthetics of the building?

The panels will only be visible if you are viewing the roof space. Panels are non-intrusive and are prevalent throughout the world. Inverters are the only other visible pieces of equipment and are small and will be installed in areas of low impact (in consultation with the customer).

Is the system safe both when being installed and in operation?

Yes – we commission approved installers to install the system according to all relevant Standards and have the utmost focus on safety. The operating system is safe and will not impact day to day operations. Should the equipment fail, power will immediately be sourced from the grid with no interruption to supply. This changeover happens safely and automatically without intervention.

Will the installation or operation interrupt our business?

Standard solar installations typically involve minimal if any business interruption. The majority of work occurs outside the premises and the actual period of time that power is interrupted is much shorter than the total installation time – usually the interruption is only required to connect the new equipment to the existing equipment. We will liaise with you through the installation process and work with you on scheduling any potential power outage. Voltio will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the system for the life of the contract.

What is the length of the typical contract?

As we are installing long life assets and there is no upfront capital required by you for those assets, we do need to have a longer-term agreement. We need to fit this to a business case depending on your tariffs and how long you or your landlord intends to be at site. We will discuss this with you in the early stages of engagement to ensure there is a strong business fit between us as we will be your partner and supplier through a long-term agreement.

What level of estimated cost and carbon savings can be expected?

The exact level of savings depends on the particular project. However with a PPA (power purchase agreement), there will be no upfront capex and there will normally be material ongoing power cost savings. The carbon savings on each unit of energy consumed will be 100% (solar is emission free).

How do we get started?

We will meet with you and request current energy usage data. From analysis of that data, we will be able to put together a package that suits your needs and will give you an indication of contract length and next steps.

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