“I don’t want to save money on my energy bills.” …Said no one ever!

Residential solar power is more affordable than ever. With living costs always on the rise, it simply makes sense to take control of your electricity bill with Voltio.

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Real benefits for home owners.

Payment options.

Pay Upfront

Solar Purchase

Pay for the install and own the whole system.

If you have the money available to shift to solar, you can pay the full amount prior to your installation. You’ll own the energy outright from day one, saving up to 30% on your current electricity bill and your savings increasing year on year.


Your monthly savings grow over time.

Solar allows you to generate your electricity at predictable costs regardless of how much your grid energy rates go up! After paying off your initial solar payment you’ll enjoy years of cheap, clean solar energy from the sun.

Real benefits for strata & property managers.

Embedded Networks

At a simple level, embedded networks are private electricity networks operating at a single physical address or location. Embedded networks seek to physically aggregate the electricity consumed by all the “tenants” at that address or location. Traditionally, embedded networks source their electricity via a single feed from the grid, but now with Voltio we can add cheaper and cleaner solar power to your energy mix.

The key advantage of this aggregation and energy mix is that electricity can be procured on more favourable commercial terms, with any benefits passed on to individual customers.

How Voltio Helps

As an embedded network operator, we can develop and manage an embedded network for you, and additionally upgrade your existing network with sustainable energy services. We will also negotiate an advantageous electricity tariff with an electricity retailer, for your tenants or prospective customers. Voltio will provide metering, billing and support services to those customers. In other words, Voltio becomes your dedicated energy partner, succeeding only as you save.



Embedded networks are generally suited to any multi-tenanted residential or business environment located at a single physical address or location.

Examples of potential sites are:

  • Townhouse complexes
  • Apartment buildings
  • High-rise Buildings
  • Office complexes
  • Commercial Parks
  • Industrial Estates
  • Retirement villages
  • Caravan parks
  • Shopping centres (both large and small)

Real benefits for strata & property managers.

Solar Purchase

If you have the capital available to shift to solar, you can pay the full amount prior to your installation.  You’ll own the energy outright from day one!

With our pay upfront Lumen package, we’ll provide a customised installation using only the best equipment and the pick of the crop from all Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved solar installers, roof warranty and if requested, energy monitoring services.

Your business may also be eligible for select tax benefits and rewarded with renewable energy certificates issued by the Australian government, which can be traded to offset some of the cost for your installation.

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