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If you haven’t reviewed your energy rates or contracts in a while, chances are you’re paying too much. By partnering with Voltio, and taking advantage of our independent energy services, you can improve your energy efficiencies and reduce your energy costs.
That’s energy optimised.
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Energy Brokerage

  • Step One – Analyse

    Voltio continually monitors the retail and wholesale markets to identify pricing trends, leading indicators to price movements and policy changes. This research translates into more favourable energy rates and contracts.

  • Step Two – Authority

    Voltio will present a summary of usage profile of your properties, the preferred retail market offers or service contracts with prices. Once we’ve all agreed on the preferred strategy you can issue a Letter of Authority confirming that Voltio can interact with retailers on your behalf.

  • Step Three – Price Gathering

    Before going to market, Voltio will  prepare an evaluation matrix that factors in your individual requirements. This work, plus usage data from your site, impacts the ‘Request for Proposal’ documents that get sent to retailers. This is where the hunt for the best rates, services fees and renewable levies (if applicable) really gets going.

  • Step Four – Selection

    After evaluating all the offers Voltio will share a report ranking the proposals and we can lock in the best one. You’ll receive extra support for any new contracts, site transfers, metering arrangements, and Voltio’s reporting platform will be automatically updated too.

  • Step Five – Repeat

    Voltio’s brokering technology will continually monitor the market for any changes, new products or rates, that could improve your energy strategy.

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