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Embedded Network Automation

Automate your Embedded Network with our web-based platform.

The tool is offered as a subscription service, charged per meter per month, and takes care of all your reporting and billing activities. Voltio has been assigned as an ‘Embedded Network Manager’ (ENM) by AEMO so we can handle your regulatory requirements as well.

Voltio Embedded Network Service Key Benefits
  • Maximise your property revenue and yields
  • Build stronger tenant relationships by helping them control costs
  • Free up more productive time for your staff
 How does it work?

An embedded network is a private electrical structure well suited to multi-occupant sites like shopping centres and apartment blocks. Using this system the property owner can purchase energy in ‘bulk’ from a retailer and sell it to their tenants. The tenants receive energy at rates they normally wouldn’t have access to thanks to this ‘bulk-buying’ situation. Find out more on the blog.

Related services
  • Installing and configuring smart meters
  • Integrating your embedded network with renewable or storage assets
  • Flexible financial arrangements to cover the cost of metering upgrades
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Solar Installations

Shift to solar and save.

Voltio’s team of experts deliver solar solutions for residential homes, businesses and large commercial sites. Solar panels are more affordable than ever and we can help you install the very best panels, inverters and equipment. Partnering with Voltio also ensures high-quality tradespeople and ongoing customer support.

Key Benefits
  • Reduce your electricity expense and free up capital to grow your business
  • Hedge against price hikes with predictable, long-term energy costs
  • Decrease your emissions footprint
Flexible financial arrangements

Most solar projects fall into one of two categories. You can pay for the installation and own it outright from day one, or alternatively, you can enter a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). With the PPA there is no up-front capital expense, you only pay for the electricity generated from the solar asset. The installation and all ongoing maintenance and monitoring is managed by Voltio.

Service includes
  • Site assessments, system designs and planning approvals
  • Project finance and investment consultations
  • Ongoing monitoring, data analysis and reporting
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Batteries & Storage

Minimise your grid dependency with a battery solution.

Energy storage solutions are well suited to residential, industrial and commercial assets. Property owners and real estate managers can reduce their energy costs with a battery system. Voltio prefers using technology from:

Voltio Battery & Storage

How does it work?
Voltio Battery Systems

Batteries can charge overnight when energy is cheap. You can minimise grid exposure by matching your solar generation and battery storage against your demand profile. Any energy surplus can be stored in your battery for future use.

Key benefits
  • Reduce ‘peak’ energy costs by using stored energy
  • Financial incentives for supporting the stability of the grid with ancillary services
  • Hedge against energy price spikes by tapping your own energy when the grid is expensive
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Expert Brokerage

Let’s make you a price maker, not a price taker.

If you haven’t reviewed your energy rates or contracts recently, there’s a good chance that you are being over-charged for your electricity. By taking advantage of Voltio’s independent brokerage service you can end up with improved pricing across your energy portfolio.

How does it work?
  1. Analysis – Voltio continually monitors the market to identify pricing trends and policy changes
  2. Authority – Voltio is given formal approval to interact with retailers on behalf of the client
  3. Price Gathering – Retailers receive a ‘Request for Proposal’ that includes specific usage data for your site(s)
  4. Evaluation – We rank the offers for you and help with new contracts, site transfers or metering arrangements
  5. Review – Voltio’s brokering technology continues to monitor the market for any favourable changes
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