An embedded network is a electrical system that supplies an entire building, rather than occupants having individual supply contracts. The key benefit of an embedded network is lower prices through aggregated buying power and simpler allocation of shared charges.


Private properties like shopping centres, apartment blocks and commercial facilities are well suited to the embedded network structure because the energy used by multiple tenants or residents can be combined into a single system, with it’s own electricity meter.

Voltio can help landlords install new embedded networks, or upgrade existing networks so that all monitoring and payments tasks are automated. To enhance a network even further, we can also integrate solar and batter systems to generate and store cleaner, cheaper energy, compared to electricity from the grid.

Increase your rental income

Sustainably generated solar power can be fed into an embedded network and sold to tenants or residents, combined with power from the grid if needed. This has revenue potential and also makes your property more attractive to tenants.

More convenience

Off the back of an embedded network, all energy metering and tenant billings can be automated. Voltio can help even further by managing the landlord’s energy contract, if required. Tenants benefit too. Instead of researching and negotiating their own contracts they can simply enter the network provided by the landlord. (This isn’t mandatory, they can still deal directly with a retailer if they want).

Industry best practice

The Voltio team have plenty of experience installing and manging large scale solar projects and embedded networks. Voltio can help you take care of the billing and payment activities for your network too. Voltio comply with all electricity regulations and relevant guidelines, and only uses leading energy technology products and solutions.

Free energy audit

Contact Voltio for a free energy audit on your property. We’ll review your current energy contract and make recommendations on how to make your asset more efficient. Call 1800 865 846 today.