Eastern Creek Solar – 44kW:

The owners of this large industrial space in western Sydney knew they had a lot of solar potential, but weren’t 100% sure on how to deliver a reliable and cost-effective solar project. Voltio initially helped this customer in a consulting capacity, before earning the opportunity to deliver two solar installations, one at the Eastern Creek site and a smaller system in regional NSW.

Working in partnership with the client, and building a solid understanding of their growth plans, Voltio provided a customised recommendation regarding the most suitable solar panels and inverters to use. We also split the delivery of the project into two parts to better suit the customers needs, an additional 60 kW of solar generation will be added at a later date when everyone is ready to move ahead.

Project Summary
Project type Commercial solar
Annual energy demand 136,373 kWh p.a.
Grid energy price 18 cents / kWh
Estimated solar generation 53,3680 kWh p.a.
Effective price after solar 12 cents / kWh
Average savings over term $16,611 p.a.
Estimated price reduction 6.0 cents / kWh
Return on investment 25.9%


Voltio Eastern Creek Solar

Work in progress at the Eastern Creek site.


This system consists of 160x Winaico WST-P6 panels (275 watt), together with two Fronius Symo M-20 inverters. The business owners can expect to save about $250,000 over 15 years, and are on track have their capital expense recouped within four years.


Voltio Commercial Eastern Creek