Solar Energy

Arundel Plaza – Solar Car Park

Arundel Plaza - Solar Car Park: Arundel Plaza at Parkwood on the Gold Coast has installed innovative new solar carports to create shade for 42 car parks, while offsetting carbon emissions for the centre. More than 350 panels covering an area of 590m2 in the

24 June 2021|Client Work, Solar Energy|

Eastern Creek Solar – 44kW

Eastern Creek Solar - 44kW: The owners of this large industrial space in western Sydney knew they had a lot of solar potential, but weren't 100% sure on how to deliver a reliable and cost-effective solar project. Voltio initially helped this customer in a consulting

27 July 2018|Client Work, Solar Energy|

Camp Hill Solar – 24.3kW

Camp Hill Solar - 24.3kW: A series of five Hamptons inspired homes were being developed in a suburban area in Brisbane. The property developers approached Voltio looking for a solar solution in order to reduce grid energy costs, and attract progressive buyers. Working in collaboration with the

15 May 2018|Client Work, Solar Energy|

Freshwater Solar – 5.2kW

Freshwater Solar - 5.2kW: This family home in Freshwater in Sydney's northern beaches was perfectly positioned for solar. The customer contacted Voltio knowing solar energy could help them reduce their quarterly electricity bill, but didn't know how to go about delivering the project. Voltio conducted

10 February 2018|Client Work, Solar Energy|

St Lucia Solar – 7.2kW

St Lucia Solar - 7.2kW The site for this project was a dental practice in St Lucia, Brisbane. The owners of this business approached Voltio looking for a way to reduce their energy costs. Voltio reviewed their energy usage profile and recommended a small solar installation, to help

30 June 2017|Client Work, Solar Energy|

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar

Voltio has created these FAQs to help you understand what's involved during the installation of a solar system. If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, we'd love to hear from you.   Will the solar system be as reliable as the current

8 May 2017|Education, Solar Energy|

The benefits of an embedded network with solar

An embedded network is a electrical system that supplies an entire building, rather than occupants having individual supply contracts. The key benefit of an embedded network is lower prices through aggregated buying power and simpler allocation of shared charges.   Private properties like shopping centres,

How much solar do we need to power Australia?

Voltio believes renewable energy, specifically solar, is the best way to power Australia today and in the future. We believe this so much that we’ve made it our mission to power Australia with solar panels. How much energy does Australia consume in a year? According

30 January 2017|Education, Solar Energy|