Cavill Lane – Embedded Network:

Voltio was engaged by a privately owned property group to assess their mall asset on Gold Coast. After reviewing the site, its infrastructure and the existing supply contracts, the first action we took was to renegotiated their electricity pricing. Voltio ran a tender process and secured more favourable rates, resulting in immediate savings.

This strip mall was originally a tenant within a larger embedded network. With Voltio’s guidance, they exited this structure and established their own embedded network. This resulted in cheaper electricity for all tenants and an annual revenue as opposed to an expense for the client.

Next, we commissioned our embedded network automation platform, replacing the old manual service. This project created a new and ongoing revenue stream for the property owner, and also enabled tenants’ to reduce their energy costs.


“The embedded network Voltio delivered has completely changed our situation. We now have real savings for tenants and revenue for us. I would definitely recommend their services.”
Sid Lewinksy, Asset Manager


Project Summary
Project type Embedded Network 
Project size 52 retail and commercial tenants

Financial turnaround off the back of Voltio’s work