Voltio believes renewable energy, specifically solar, is the best way to power Australia today and in the future. We believe this so much that we’ve made it our mission to power Australia with solar panels.

How much energy does Australia consume in a year?

According to National Electricity Market (NEM) information, this is how much energy Australia used during 2015-2016:

197,600,000,000,000 watt-hours

How much energy can one solar panel create in a year?

Assuming the typical panel size being installed and average national iSun-radation,

270 Watts x 3.6 x 365 days = 354,780 Watt-hours

So, how many panels do we need to power Australia?

197,600,000,000,000 Watt-hours / 354,780 Watt-hours per panel = 556,964,880 panels

How much land is this?

556,964,890 panels and the average size of a solar panel is 1.65 m2 = 918,992,051 m2 or 919 km2



How much of Australia is this?

Australia’s land mass is 7,692,000 km2 so 919km2 = 0.01% of Australia

One percent, of one percent, sounds like a pretty insignificant goal though doesn’t it? But this little number actually represents a huge mission – 0.01% of Australia is the same size as:

– 5,186 Melbourne Cricket Grounds
– 735,200 Olympic swimming pools
– 3,534,615 tennis courts
– an area about 10% larger than Canberra.

This small number represents a huge opportunity, and we can’t do it alone. Shift to solar today and help Australia become completely ‘off-grid’.