Camp Hill Solar – 24.3kW:

A series of five Hamptons inspired homes were being developed in a suburban area in Brisbane. The property developers approached Voltio looking for a solar solution in order to reduce grid energy costs, and attract progressive buyers. Working in collaboration with the onsite builder, Voltio executed five separate solar installations ranging from 4.5KW to 5.1KW in size.

Project Summary
Project type Residential solar
Annual energy demand 8,527 kWh p.a.
Grid energy price 25 cents / kWh
Estimated solar generation 6,640 kWh p.a.
Voltio solar price 17 cents / kWh
Average savings over term $1,571 p.a.
Estimated price reduction 8.0 cents / kWh
Return on investment 20.0%


Voltio Solar Camp Hill

One of the five residential homes that received solar

Five separate solar designs had to be commissioned to accommodate the iconic sloping roofs on these ‘Queenslander’ style homes. The total system consists of 79x TRINA Solar Honey M-Plus 300 watt panels, together with 5x SMA Sunny Boy inverters. Each one of the five installations have been deployed as battery-ready systems, to prepare for future enhancements.

The home owners can expect to save, on average, $1,571 over the next 15 years, or $23,563 over the full period. This represents a 48% savings on their total energy expense.