Voltio has created these FAQs to help you understand what’s involved during the installation of a solar system. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, we’d love to hear from you.


Will the solar system be as reliable as the current electricity supply?

Yes – the solar power supplied by the panels will supplement the electricity supply from the grid. In the event of a technical fault or outage, your supply would automatically resume from the grid.

What equipment does Voltio use?

At Voltio, reliability and safety of power provision to customers are the most important factors. We choose the best equipment on the market to deliver these outcomes.

Do the panels require a lot of space and will they impact the aesthetics of the building?

The panels will only be visible if you are viewing the roof space, otherwise the panels are non-intrusive. Inverters are the only other visible pieces of equipment and are small and will be installed in areas of low impact.

Is the system safe both when being installed and in operation?

Yes – we commission approved installers to connect the system according to all relevant standards and have the utmost focus on safety. The operating system is safe and will not impact day-to-day operations. Should the equipment fail, power will immediately be sourced from the grid with no interruption to supply. This changeover happens safely and automatically without intervention.

Will the installation or operation interrupt our business?

Standard solar installations typically involve minimal, if any, business interruption. The majority of work occurs outside the premises and the actual period of time that power is interrupted is much shorter than the total installation time. Normally, the interruption is only required to connect the new equipment to the existing equipment. We will liaise with you through the installation process and work with you on scheduling any potential power outage.

What is the length of the typical contract?

As we are installing long-life assets and there is no upfront capital required by you for those assets, we do need to have a longer-term agreement. We need to fit this to a business case depending on your tariffs and how long you or your landlord intends to be at site. Voltio will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the system for the life of the contract.

What level of estimated cost and carbon savings can be expected?

The exact level of savings depends on the particular project. However with a PPA (power purchase agreement), there will be no upfront capital expense and there will normally be significant ongoing savings on your electricity costs. The carbon savings on each unit of energy consumed will be 100% (solar is emission free).

How do I get started?

Voltio can meet with you and discuss your options. We always like to see your current energy usage data to help arrive at the best solution. From analysis of that data, we will be able to put together a package that suits your needs and will give you an indication of contract length and next steps.