Voltio is an approved Embedded Network Manager

The Australian energy market regulator, AEMO, has accredited Voltio as an Embedded Network Manager (ENM). The ENM role is a new position created under the Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC) rulings, specifically the Power of Choice review.


The Power of Choice review was instigated in 2012 in an effort to give people more options around consuming and purchasing electricity in Australia. In 2015 the AEMC established a set of rules designed to promote competition in the embedded network space. More details are available on the AEMC website.

What does the accreditation mean?

Voltio is now an accredited service provider with the authority to interact with market interface functions for embedded network customers, and co-ordinate retail energy offers on their behalf. There are only a small number of businesses in Australia who have earned the ENM qualification and Voltio is now one of them (as per AEMO’s official registry).

Under the rules, the ENM has many responsibilities to the market and the customer. The key tasks are:

  • Enabling market interface services for child connections within an embedded network
  • Establishing National Metering Identifiers (NMIs) through AEMO, when requested by a retailer
  • Registering child NMIs in MSATS (which is AEMO’s Market Settlement and Transfer Solution platform)
  • Sharing the NMI information with counterparties such as the Metering Coordinator and the Exempt Embedded Network Service Provider (EENSP)
  • Managing embedded network wiring and metering information
  • Determining Distribution Loss Factors (DLFs) for child connection points
  • Maintaining data within MSATS
  • And more…

How can I benefit from this?

If you own or manage a property that operates an embedded network, Voltio can take care of all your regulatory and compliance activities.

This also applies to any new properties that you might be creating such as shopping centres, apartment blocks and other multi-occupant sites.

Appointing Voltio has two key advantages over other accredited ENMs:

  1. Voltio has developed software to automate the management and billing activities of your Embedded Network. This tool gives you complete transparency around your energy pricing, unlike some other suppliers who add a mark-up to the energy they supply into your embedded network.
  2. Voltio offers this automation services at a small, affordable rate charged per meter, per month. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach results in greater savings and a better ROI for your property.

Next steps.

If your looking to improve the way your embedded network is managed, then Voltio can help. As a business we only succeed when you save.

Using technology and data to automate your embedded network activities can help you create a great revenue stream for your portfolio.

To book a demo of Voltio’s solution just email or call us on 1300 865 846.
Voltio Embedded Network AEMO

Voltio’s embedded network tool can be branded with your company’s details

Photo credit – Amtec