St Lucia Solar – 7.2kW

The site for this project was a dental practice in St Lucia, Brisbane. The owners of this business approached Voltio looking for a way to reduce their energy costs. Voltio reviewed their energy usage profile and recommended a small solar installation, to help offset their grid supply costs.

Project Summary
Project type Commercial solar
Annual energy demand 69,019 kWh p.a.
Grid energy price 25 cents / kWh
Estimated solar generation 10,035 kWh p.a.
Voltio solar price 22 cents / kWh
Average savings over term $4,293 p.a.
Estimated price reduction 3.0 cents / kWh
Return on investment 18.5%


Voltio Solar - St Lucia Dental

St Lucia Dental, Brisbane

Using the flat, concrete roof to our advantage we were able to install an almost hidden design. The system consists of twenty 360kW Sunpower solar panels, together with a a 7KW Fronius Symo inverter. As an added advantage Voltio ensured this equipment could integrate with a battery at a later date as well.

St Lucia Dental are expected to save $2,818 each year in the first three years of operation, growing to $4,293 per year during the 15 year contract term. Their overall savings estimate is $64,402.

Voltio St Lucia Solar